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About to Amana Insurance Brokers

Amana Insurance Brokers was incorporated 2013. Through our commitment to our clients and our focus on their insurance needs, we are supported by all major insurance companies in Kenya. We offer tailor made insurance solutions that cover all major classes of insurance.

We have been previously transacting business as Al Amana insurance agency and now changed to Amana insurance brokers. Amana Insurance Brokers has been extremely active in the market and prides itself on its core values; reliability, integrity, client oriented, innovation, transparency and fairness. We have experienced strong and consistent growth in sales and written premium across our numerous lines of insurance. We are constantly striving to be leaders in the field by developing innovative initiatives to enhance the experience of obtaining and claiming on insurance risks.

We pride and differentiate our self on the ability to provide superior customer service, competitive rates and insurance without stress. We offer all our customers a personalized, hassle free and efficient process.
 Our portfolio has expanded greatly thereby causing us to become Amana Insurance Brokers but the foundation for our business strategy remains the same. We are proud to provide our clientele with a one stop shop for all their insurance needs.


To make it our business the protection of our customers assets, whether personal or professional, through provision of need based customized services and products cost effectively.

To be the insurance Broker of choice in Africa known for providing quality service. Our believe in teamwork, transparency and ethics guarantees you that we are your  partners in risk management and in meeting your expectations
Stress-Free Insurance Services

Just like organizations in the global market place, Companies in Kenya are faced with stiff competition on many fronts. Financial and Human Resource constraints have forced organizations, Large and Small, to restructure their operations and embark on drastic cost-cutting measures. For many organizations, regardless of the size, the annual insurance expenditure forms a substantial part of the annual cost. For many firms, a significant amount of this annual cost results from servicing an internal department that handles Insurance issues.

Stress-Free Insurance Services
The Solution

In order to help your firm to restructure and attain its desired leanness, cost-effectiveness, focus on core business and competitiveness, Amana Insurance Brokers offers to create the necessary link between your firm and any(or all) firms of your choice in the insurance industry. We will provide you with the ideal and resourceful insurance department without the corresponding cost burden to your organization. We provide innovative and intelligent insurance solutions in all areas of General Insurance.